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We are manufacturers and suppliers for many kind of electric vehicles.


We are looking for suppliers for ebike parts, distributors and dealers for our ebikes in all countires in the European Union. We are also looking for joint venture partners even for eg, development of new models of ebikes with specialised applications..

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Three Wheeler Electric Vehicle


Electroride is World's electric Three wheelers company. The company manufacturers and sells a range of electric three-wheeler vehicle ranging from fuel efficient models to high speed models Electric. Three wheelers vehicle in Germany the company has played a very important role in developing the Electric market in the country. It is the only electric vehicles manufacturer in Germany to launch the unique concept of charging stations for anywhere everywhere charging with in house design and development.


Auto rickshaws are three-wheeled vehicles used extensively in many world's countries as taxis of people and goods. Although the vehicle design is well-suited to the environment in which it operates, it is a crude, inefficient design. Due to poor vehicle maintenance and the use of inefficient 2 or 4 stroke engines with very little pollution control, auto rickshaws present a huge pollution problem in major Germany cities. Electroride rickshaw project is aimed at developing an advanced solar-based electric auto rickshaw. This paper presents research on the conventional auto rickshaw, future conceptual infrastructure designs for electric rickshaws, and the recent design research and simulations of the next auto rickshaw. Electroride's solar/battery electric three-wheeler is meant to match and exceed the conventional vehicle's performance, but with a more intelligent and efficient design.


Electroride also plans to export the vehicle to Germany and World markets, where Electroride already has a presence in the Four-wheeler market. The company has until now been manufacturing Four-wheeler two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles.